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Meekat help organizations addressing their engineering design needs through wide range of courses covering the whole spectrum of CAD, CAM, CAE & PLM.

Representing some of the latest engineering solutions, our training programs use to standard training materials & techniques.

Our primary focus is on skill development of professional engineers by offering superior training programs.

We can also develop custom training courses that meet your special needs.

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ANSYS Training Courses

Maximize your productivity by learning from our ANSYS experts to get the most out of your software. Meekat offers a varied suite of ANSYS training courses that can be delivered at our training location or customer's facility. Our Most Popular Public ANSYS Training Courses are..
• Ansys Mechanical APDL (Intro to Advanced).
• ANSYS Workbench Mechanical (Intro to Advanced).
• ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Structural Nonlinearities.(FEA).
• Ansys Workbench Mechanical Heat Transfer.
• Ansys Workbench Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics.
• Explicit Dynamics Using ANSYS LS-DYNA & AUTODYN.
• Design Optimization using ANSYS DESIGN Expolorer.
• Ansys Composite PrepPost (ACP).
• CFD Analysis using Ansys Fluent & ANSYS CFX.
• Advanced Ansys Fluent Meshing.
• Ansys CFX Multiphase Flow Modeling.
• Ansys CFD (Fluent and CFX) Turbulence Modeling.
• Ansys Fluent Dynamic Meshing Modeling.
• Ansys Fluent AeroAcoustics.
• Ansys Fluent Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) with Ansys Mechanical.


Our exclusive CAD/CAM training courses are offered by experienced professionals using world’s leading CAD/CAM software. These courses are one of the best locally available training programs cove the complete product design cycle including:
• 3D-Part Modeling & Assembly.
• Drawing Generation & GDNT.
• Animation & Motion Analysis.(FEA).
• Tool & Fixture Design.
• CAM Generation.

Project Management Using Primavera

Extensive training sessions are offered on project management topics and their application using Primavera project planner.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Our trainings help you to navigate the rapidly changing HPC landscape, to simplify cluster deployments, and acquire the optimum infrastructure for running Ansys.

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